Fitness on the Road

After about 6 months in our current location it became apparent that it wasn’t just the camera adding 10 (okay, 30) pounds. I gave myself a pass after a traumatizing summer and a busy move, but eventually it was time to make a change.

In an expat forum a poster mentioned working with an online trainer. After checking to make sure he was legit (aka actual certifications and a track record of success), I signed up that night. Can I just tell you how eternally grateful I am for that post? So if you are like me and wanting to make a change but finding it difficult to make it happen, here ya go.


It works because it’s smart choices over crash dieting. Real food, exercise that’s doable, and hand holding with multiple daily check ins with the trainer. I’ve been able to stick to the program through travel, holidays, and home leave. I feel 1 million times better, comfortable in my own skin, and with way more energy than before. Anyway, hope that can help someone like the initial post I saw helped me!

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