Traveling with Kids is Easy

My family travel photo feed reads like a fairy tale. I jet off with my kids to new and exciting countries, or spend bliss filled hours exploring our own. Right? Friends, that’s a big hearty NO. Traveling with kids isn’t always a dream come true.


To the mom flying solo with two kids under 2, I’ve been there. I’ve lugged those stupid giant car seats down the aisle with both kids strapped to me because the experts say it’s best. I’ve reached my seat soaked in sweat while not a single hand offered to help.

To the dad venturing to a new country determined to show your kids the world, only to end up in a small pizza restaurant with a screaming toddler who couldn’t care less about the ancient walled city and staring patrons- I’m with you.

To the mom trying to nurse on a plane with a cover and a nipple shield and a toddler that just dropped all two hundred forty million of their crayons, I’m cheering for you.

To the exhausted parent showing family around your temporary home when all your sweet toddler wants to do is run like a rabid goat in the roadside restaurant. I see you.

I see your dirty diaper changes in an airplane bathroom. I see your one extra glass of wine because you made it through that dang road trip. I feel you. I am you.

Despite all that, here’s what I know for sure, it’s worth it. We are showing our kids the world. Showing them people and places that don’t look like them or their home. Showing them that there is beauty everywhere. Teaching them history and culture through real world experience. Showing them that we don’t need a common language to make friends. You, parent traveling with littles, are doing a GREAT job. Travel on.

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