A $20,000 Vacation

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$20,000. On a 2 week vacation. Can you imagine? Me neither! Thankfully by using credit card points deliberately (“travel hacking“), we were able to take a dream vacation to Sri Lanka (post coming soon) and the Maldives with FREE flights and accommodations for all four of us. Wanting to go to the Maldives with points? Here’s the details on how we made our $20,000 vacation happen at a fraction of the cost.

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Travel Hacking Primer

Points paid for our hotel in Thailand and my parents, too.

One question that is often asked is, “How do you afford to travel so much?” Travel has always been a budgeted part of our monthly expenses, however, lately we have also been using “travel hacking” strategies to get more for our dollars. Travel hacking is using credit card rewards (miles, points, benefits) to reduce the overall costs of traveling. Doing so smartly can even make travel free. New to travel hacking? Here is what you need to know.

To be clear, when I say reduce costs, I mean it. Free airport food, reimbursed TSA pre-check, free flights, free flight upgrades, free hotel upgrades, free hotel stays…the list goes on. Coming up we have 13 nights in Sri Lanka and the Maldives plus flights for 4 totally covered with benefits and points. Sound good? Read on to find out how to make your cards work for you, too. Read more

Fly for Free (Space A Travel)

Are you a military family? Besides being eligible for plenty of military discounts at hotels and parks, you can utilize the Space A travel system to fly for free (or really really cheap). These military flights range from seats along the side of a cargo plane to a traditional passenger airplane. It may seem overwhelming, but once you understand some basics, it’s more than worth the effort to be able to travel the world on a budget. Read more