Pro Packing Tips

Looking for packing hacks? Let me share some of my top packing tips and travel products with you! PS, if you are looking for tips on how to pack everything for 98 weeks of travel in one bag, this is not the post for you. Gone are the days of washing a shirt in the hotel sink.

Alternate title: Packing like a pro who has children and needs stuff. 

Alternate title: Like Oprah’s favorite things but I only give you links. 

Packing Cubes These are key to both organization and optimizing the room you have in bags. I roll our clothing (the kid’s clothes get rolled as outfits) and pack tightly. For speciality things like swimsuits, pajamas, undergarments, I prefer to have those grouped in smaller packing cubes. The cubes can go directly into drawers for hotels you’ll be visiting more than a night or two. When you buy sheets sets or other bedding, save the zipper bags they come in to use for this purpose, too!

Hanging Organizer- The key to these is keeping them packed. I have travel versions of all products for myself and the kids (they have their own bag) that stay packed. No more forgetting toothbrushes! For your liquids, saran wrap the top of the bottle before screwing on the lid and place them inside a ziploc bag before putting them in the organizer. Less mess!

Luggage Scale- This is a no brainer for airlines with tight baggage restrictions (or people that like to pack extra *cough*like me*cough*). Easy to pack and store and you can weigh your things as you pack (and while packing to go back home) so there are no surprises at the airport.

Travel Wall Charger- I choose an all in one charger that has changeable plug styles and multiple USB ports. I can use it everywhere to charge everything.

Anti-theft Crossbody- This bag has been a lifesaver on trips! You’ll want a bag that is comfortable, doesn’t stand out, keeps your things safe, and still holds all you need. We learned early on that a backpack is too touristy and too easy for pickpockets to access. Picking one with safety features (like straps that can’t be cut and locking zippers) is reassuring.

Other helpful tips- 

*Grab the hotel shower caps to place over your shoes. Don’t want the bottom of your shoes touching your things. Yuck!

*Pack your own outfits with a single color family in mind. It’s much easier if all your outfits coordinate with a single color shoe and a single color jewelry. I typically go for black/gray.

*Traveling with kids? Bring food. While there is usually something on the menu for kids, there isn’t always and sometimes you’ll just want to push the days button and hand them some freeze dried fruit. Plus, snacks keep them happy, so why worry about being able to find something on a long drive? Bonus- you’ll have extra room in your bag after eating them to bring home souvenirs.

*If you are in the USA, check TJ Maxx/Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory for great deals on luggage. I prefer Samsonite luggage and can usually find a piece or two on clearance. (360 degree wheels are a must, but look for the ones that are fully under the case, they are less likely to be broken.)

Also check out my post on FLYING WITH KIDS for my favorite items for airline travel.

What are your favorite packing hacks? How do you pack for a trip?

*This post contains affiliate links to products I love, but was not sponsored or endorsed by any brand.

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