A $20,000 Vacation

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$20,000. On a 2 week vacation. Can you imagine? Me neither! Thankfully by using credit card points deliberately (“travel hacking“), we were able to take a dream vacation to Sri Lanka (post coming soon) and the Maldives with FREE flights and accommodations for all four of us. Wanting to go to the Maldives with points? Here’s the details on how we made our $20,000 vacation happen at a fraction of the cost.

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Safari with Little Kids


Thinking about going on a safari with young kids? Looking at a safari in Africa but wondering what age is right? We just returned from a safari in Tanzania with our kids (ages 5 and 6), and I’m excited to share what we learned with you. Read more

India with Kids

Spring Break tends to be a time of exciting travel for our family. Tuscany, Egypt, Israel, Germany…it’s a great time to get away, take a break, and explore new places. This year we decided to up the adventure and head to INDIA! Depending on what type of traveler you are this either sounds like a fantastic or terrible idea. (My husband and I were one of each.)

The biggest advice I have for India with kids is to make it as easy on yourself as possible. This is not the trip to do public transportation and hostels with children. It is easy and affordable to hire drivers and guides before arriving and to find excellent hotels. Well trained guides and smart hotels can help you choose ways to support the community that are helpful, rather than harmful. Read more

Dubai With Kids

Heading to Dubai? Today I’m looking back at our recent trip to the city with young kids. Keep reading for my top tips on visiting Dubai with children and Dubai on a budget.

Driving to Dubai from Muscat? Check out this blog for a great detailed rundown on how it’s done. A note- Maps.me has a very different idea of “straight” and “slight,” so keep an eye on the map itself once in the city. Read more